Thirsty Thursday – Touchdown Dance

While I don’t particularly enjoy watching football games, I get excited every year for the Super Bowl. Even though just between you and me, I like the commercials more than the actual game! The mister and I are having some friends over for the game and plan on serving lots of finger foods, plenty of beer, and these fun Touchdown Dance Cocktails.

Touchdown Dance
-2 parts lemonade
-2 parts iced tea
-1 part bourbon

Mix all ingredients and pour over ice. Enjoy the game!


Thirsty Thursday – Mule Kick Cocktail

There’s something that seems extravagant about infusing standard vodka with your own flavors. Not only can you control what ingredients you mix with the vodka for your drink, but you have complete control over the flavor of the vodka itself! Since the mister thinks the hotter something is the better it is (point in fact: he puts hot sauce on almost every single thing he eats!), I thought jalapenos were the perfect flavor to infuse with our vodka. 

We simply sliced two jalapenos and added them to a mason jar filled with vodka. The longer you let them steep together, the more the vodka will pick up on the jalapeno flavors. We let ours sit for about three hours and the flavors were delicious!

Mule Kick Cocktail
From: Spice & Ice by Kara Newman
-8 ounces jalapeno infused vodka
-8 ounces ginger ale
-3 ounces sweetened lime juice
-jalapeno slices for garnish

-Mix together all the ingredients in a glass. Add ice and a jalapeno garnish. Cheers!

Coca-Cola Braised Pot Roast

For someone who drinks Coca-Cola as much as I do, it is almost shocking I have never cooked with it before. Over the years, I’ve read recipes using it but was almost scared to try them in fear they would ruin the taste of something so perfect. I decided to finally face my fears and […]

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Spiced Nuts

It’s amazing what a little something extra can do to a party staple. The mister and I were planning what to serve at our New Years Eve party this year and had plenty of delicious desserts planned, but were stumped on some finger foods. Mixed nuts are always such a hit, especially on a night […]

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New Years Cheer

I know I am not alone when I say I can’t believe it is already 2012. New Years always bring changes and I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store!

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Thirsty Thursday – Cardinal Punch

The mister always buys Ginger Ale and never seems to drink it. While I was putting away groceries earlier this week, and trying to make room for everything in the refrigerator, I decided to find a use for the Ginger Ale myself. This punch is light and refreshing and a pretty color! The perfect use […]

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Pumpkin Baked Ziti

I just saw that it is going to be in the low thirties later this week.  I don’t want to face the fact that it is getting colder!  In fact, one could safely say I am in denial about it.  Good thing I don’t live in the Northeast!  However, this Pumpkin Baked Ziti is a […]

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Reusable Ice Cubes

Isn’t it funny how an impulse purchase can end up being a staple item? While most of my best impulse purchases tend to be clothes, there is one that I use every almost single time I entertain. I threw a box of these reusable ice cubes in my cart at the Container Store a few years […]

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Halloween S’more Party Bags

How much fun were party bags when we were younger? They could really make or break a birthday party! I miss them! I always try to give my friends and coworkers a little treat on Halloween, and Pinterest inspired me to make a version of a Halloween party bag this year. They combine two of […]

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Ghost Pretzel Rods

This week has seemed to take forever to get through! That always seems to happen when I have big weekend plans. Luckily we are having a Halloween Potluck at work this afternoon so hopefully that helps the day move along! I have been craving chocolate dipped pretzels for a few weeks so I knew right […]

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